• Angela Eve

Seize this opportunity

It is the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter. Normally this weekend's hours would be filled with much. Friends. Family. Church.

Instead, we are at home. Again. And surrounded with mounds of opportunity to fully reset our lives, our priorities, and our homes.

For those of us with faith in Jesus, this weekend highlights the foundational event that grounds us. This event is the one we come back to when we are at our highest highs and our lowest lows. When we receive miraculous favour, and when we make a mind blowing mistake. It humbles us, re-aligns us, and renews us. It is the very reason we can have hope and peace when the rest of the world is unsure and afraid. We know who God is. We know how far his love is willing to go. And we know that the sacrifice has already been made when His Son willingly died for us. And greater yet, we know that along with salvation, there is also abundant life available to us through His rising again.

Yet there is still so much noise. If we are not careful, we can so very easily be swept along with the rest of the world into the media frenzies, the conspiracy theories, the speculation, and the anxiety riddled tidbits of thought. Will we loose our income? Is the economy crashing? Will they force us to get vaccinated? Was this all planned? When will this end?

Let's quiet our minds for a moment and remember Romans 12:2 (NKJ): “And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.”

You know who's watching us? Our children are listening to every word we say. Their hearts are desperate for reassurance that all is well. Are we, Moms and Dads, facing this season with assurance in faith, or are we being tossed along with everyone else? The security our kids will feel during this season rests largely on our shoulders. We are at a unique place right now, where we are all the primary point of influence to our children. This season could ground them into deeper faith, or a loss of it. That verse in Romans says that when we are transformed by God's Word, it proves what God's will is. Not only to us, but also to our children. Did you catch that? When we are transformed by God's Word, it proves His will to us (and our children)!

So I urge you simply to take a break from the chaos this weekend, and spend some real time in God's Word. Meditate on what His sacrifice did for you. For your children. And then celebrate together.

As we face the remainder of this unknown period of time at home, let's continue to make His Word priority and the final authority in our homes. I have no doubt that this will radically change what things we pick back up once this crazy time has passed. We all have things that could use some pruning. I pray you will find yourself more connected to our God, to your spouse, and to your children. And that you will look at others with greater compassion. I pray that God's will would be proven in all of our lives.

From my lock-down home to yours,

be blessed, choose joy, and stay sane!

Angela Eve


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