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Season of Get up and Go

Ahh Christmas break... the season of sit back, eat too much, drink too much (coffee for me), read too much, visit, reflect, and rest. Most years follow this pattern, but this year felt different for me. Don't get me wrong, I definitely rested, drank too much coffee, and all the rest, but after so many months (years) of waiting for things to get back to normal, well, my sit back and wait was worn out. As Solomon said, to everything there is a season, and in my opinion, the season of waiting had grown stale. And so had many of us.

A few weeks ago my favourite homeschool mom podcaster mentioned that outside of the UN building in New York, they had erected a statue that mirrored the beast mentioned in Revelation. So, despite my distaste for fanatical end times teachings, I was curious. So I did what any millennial would do - I googled it. And yep, there it was it all it's hideous strange gory er... glory.

I went to bed unsettled that night. This "guardian for international peace and security" certainly appeared to emulate symbolism, but not the warm and fuzzy kind.

And so, as I laid in bed, I felt a rush of frustration brought about by months of living in a world turned upside down. I nearly laughed at the irony of the name given to the statue. The picture elicited exactly the opposite of what it was said to be. I reflected on how we had come to turn on each other. How we were coerced through the media to treat our healthy as though they had leprosy, and how it had become healthy and for the greater good to segregate our society. The political and medical confusion have caused so many things that used to be easy and free to be limited and/ or banned all together. Places that were once welcoming have become awkward and barred. I had no need to know what this thing symbolized. And so, I prayed a simple prayer, "God, what do we do?"

And the answer I got was firm and gentle. We wake with ambition. And we rest. We build. We rest. We build. We rest. We build. We rest.

Many years ago I heard a wonderful pastor teach on how we grow from one level to another. He discussed how we grow from survival to stability, from stability to success, and from success to significance.

Well, our outward stability has been turned to dust. Our jobs, education, autonomy, medical choice, our ability to enter a church, a coffee shop or even a friend's kitchen, and how, or if we are permitted to leave our own country, have all been handed over to the ever shifting government control.

So what do we do? I don't know if you have realized it, but there are an awful lot of ships sinking around us. Entire countries actually. And we are still trying to navigate using a map that is obsolete. The world we knew does not exist. And it is still shifting.

So I ask again, what do we do?

We stop waiting for our world to settle down. That's foolishness.

We step from survival mode straight into success & significance.

Can we really skip the stability stage? Only the outward stability. As long as we can find our grounding - our stability in our God, then of course we can still build in the midst of whatever we are walking through. We are a city on a hill after all, or have we forgotten?

If you feel beaten down, I encourage you all to re-read Isaiah. Especially chapter 44. Are you scared of the "Karens" ? go back further and study Noah's story. Or re-visit the gospels. Jesus had a to deal with rule makers and followers daily. Build and build and build.

And just as Jesus exemplified: rest. This is the key: find a balance of resting and building.

Rest means getting away from all the noise. It is imperative right now that we find a way to turn off media of all kinds for chunks of time so that we can actually fill ourselves with eternal truth and connection. And then we don't go back to stagnation, but we build with the strength we gain.

I don't know when Jesus will come back. But I do know that whether it is tomorrow or in 100 years, or 1000, He wants us building - not stagnating or waiting for permission. He wants us resting - not confused, anxious, and burned out.

And so, as this year closes, and a new one begins, I am dreaming and planning to build bigger than I ever have before. And I aim to do it filled to overflowing with the peace and courage that only comes from the one that created me. I pray that you and yours do the same.

From Glory to Glory; Brighter and Brighter.

From our Free home to yours,

Be blessed, choose joy, and stay sane,

Angela Eve

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