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Fueled in all Seasons

A few weeks ago I told my eleven year old that I wanted to write to moms who are needing to homeschool for the first time because of the virus shut downs. I asked her what she thought moms should know. She was quiet for a bit and then said, “Tell them that if they (moms) have a good attitude, their kids will have a good attitude.” And that was it. Smart kid. This insight of hers caused me to consider the ways a mom can have a good attitude through the midst of unrest, social

Motherhood, Sacrifice and Investment

Happy Mother's Day! In light of the holiday, I decided to do a special auto biography entry on my first stage of motherhood. Enjoy! Every child we have shapes us into a different person. The first child, however, does so to the greatest degree. They come into the world fresh and new, and unknowingly recreate the world for us at the same time. With those first cries, they hand us a pair of glasses, through which we are led to see life, others, God, and ourselves in different


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